As we all continue to deal with the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, no matter where you are, whether in lockdown Melbourne, Victoria or beyond, whatever sector you work in, or your role, we wanted to reach out and send you warm, supportive best wishes from everyone at Worklogic.

We sincerely hope that you are okay – and that if you are not okay, you reach out for support. We are always available for a chat and ready to help. The current age of isolation (in Melbourne particularly) makes it even more important to communicate, to support one other more than ever in order to get to the other side of this ghastly pandemic.

Workplace trends during COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19 earlier this year, there has understandably been a change in priorities for many of our clients. At the same time, whilst we have seen some things change, some things stay the same. We thought it might be useful to share  trends we are broadly seeing across our workplace clients at the moment, and provide some suggestions for you to consider as part of your current and post-pandemic planning.

1. Workplace misconduct continues

Stressful times bring our the best and worst in human behaviour – and while you might expect to see a dramatic decline in allegations of misconduct in the workplace when many are working remotely, this has not been our experience to date.

Those previously ignored hair-line fractures, whether in the workplace culture generally or certain interpersonal interactions, suddenly crack. They erupt into full-blown problems which cannot wait for a post-pandemic fix. The dysfunctional undercurrents between two staff, who were previously able to navigate this by communicating via a third party in the physical workplace (until now!), now bubbles to the surface. A supervisor, who was blissfully unaware of the impact of their abrupt or disrespectful behaviour on others? Now, in the age of lockdown, a whole range of factors culminate in staff members finally saying enough: “we can’t do lockdown and this too“.

Similarly, issues around conflicts of interest, sexual harassment, dscrimination and fraud are also (still) prevalent – and allegations of misconduct still need to be dealt with immediately.


2. Employee mental health is suffering

Many people are finding the pandemic challenging from a mental health perspective. Dealing with change, isolation, constant uncertainty and pressure is hard and everyone copes differently. Needless to say, the wearing of multiple hats, during the age of COVID, is full-on. People are currently juggling  home-schooling, working from home, working on the front-line, managing remotely, caring for relatives and children, whilst trying to get the job done. Do you know how well your staff are coping?


Hopefully, implementing these strategies will help your staff and organisation emerge from the pandemic stronger and more resilient. From all of us at Worklogic, take care at this time, stay well and here’s looking forward to post-pandemic possibilities.

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