Workplace Mediation

Mediating workplace conflict between employees

Workplace mediation is very practical and effective tool to allow your employees to air and resolve workplace conflict and re-build working relationships.

Healthy conflict exists in most workplaces as employees debate and learn from each other’s different perspectives, disagree with respect and collaborate. Other types of conflict, such as bullyingharassmentdiscrimination, gossiping and undermining are damaging to the workplace. If unacceptable behaviour is ignored, it can damage morale, reduce productivity and lead to increased costs and legal issues for your organisation.


Independent Workplace Mediations

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential discussion by the relevant people about the issues in dispute, managed by an independent mediator.  The discussion gives the participants an opportunity to be heard, and to hear what each other has to say. Effective workplace mediation will move employees away from hostility, and encourage them instead to engage in rational dialogue and work towards generating solutions.  Check out our frequently asked questions on mediation for more information.

Bringing in an external, independent workplace mediator can help you:

  • Tackle the molehill before it becomes a mountain
  • Reduce the likelihood that employees will make external or legal complaints
  • Assist your employees to be responsible for their own behaviour and their working relationships
  • Improve team effectiveness, morale and productivity, and encourage mutual respect
  • Demonstrate to employees and stakeholders that concerns are taken seriously.
Our Approach

The mediators at Worklogic are experienced, accredited, and skilled at working with people to resolve disputes in a cost-effective and fair manner. Our process is confidential, balanced and impartial.

Our first step is to discuss with you whether a particular workplace conflict is suitable for mediation.  Once agreement is reached to participate in the mediation, we will:

  1. Arrange to meet the participants separately to understand the issues and to explain the process
  2. Bring the participants together to outline their concerns and engage in facilitated discussion
  3. Encourage them to understand the issues from each other’s perspective
  4. Ensure neither participant feels disadvantaged, so that they can properly engage in fair and equal discussions and negotiations
  5. Encourage them to explore resolution.

Worklogic is a fully- functioning hybrid workplace and can provide services in person or via video conference. Worklogic is compliant with any current public health orders and is committed to prioritising the health and safety of staff and clients. 

Our experienced mediator guides the discussion and encourages those involved to find a mutually acceptable resolution to the issues raised. The mediator sets and manages a fair process, so that the discussion remains respectful and future-focused.

It is important to understand that an outcome is not imposed on the participants. A dispute can only be resolved in mediation if the participants agree. The participants are encouraged – but not forced – to reach agreement. If they are unable to reach an agreement that they can live with, they will at least have a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Our approach gives employees the opportunity to resolve their differences in a structured, fair and neutral environment.  At the end of the process, everyone involved is better able to manage working relationships, whether or not an agreement is reached.

This is why clients trust us to mediate conflict in their workplaces.

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Integrity Line

Integrity Line is an independent whistleblower service for complaints about inappropriate conduct at work, provided by Worklogic. Click here to visit the Integrity Line website.