Workplace Coaching

Coaching to help your employees and leaders maximise their capability and effectiveness and minimise people-risk

People at every level of an organisation face challenges associated with their roles. Often, these problems are not about technical expertise, but interpersonal style, identity and values, or leadership capability. If left unattended, these problems can have lasting and damaging impacts on individuals, teams and the organisation. This is where workplace coaching can help.

Being able to apply new interpersonal learning and test out new approaches can be challenging in the context of our increasingly pressured and busy working lives. Yet this is so critical to creating effective, thriving people and workplaces.

Adults can learn only so much through training and education.  Whether it is a CEO who has lost their creative spark, a new leader who doesn’t understand how to use their new power and authority most effectively, an experienced leader having difficulty letting go of entrenched habits or managing the performance of their team, or staff members involved in conflict, all of these scenarios have one thing in common – there is no training course to fix it. 


The Value of Workplace Coaching

Coaching is an established tool for supporting individuals to reach their potential, improve their relationships and increase their satisfaction. But more than that, coaching improves individual and organisational wellbeing during change, and promotes growth, empowerment and creativity.  Coaching enhances communication, retention and commitment. Coaching contributes to risk reduction and prevention of workplace disharmony.

By providing tailored and targeted coaching services, organisations can support their employees in building professional and personal capabilities, profoundly improving their effectiveness as employees, managers and leaders while significiantly reducing people risk.

Bringing in an experienced, independent coach is an effective strategy to:

  • transform behaviour by developing individual interpersonal skills and building self-awareness
  • address the underlying causes of conflict, anxiety and concern
  • help individuals understand their style and impact on others and adopt new approaches
  • support leaders to develop options, strategies and the skills necessary to effectively lead and manage others.
Our Approach to Coaching

The highly-experienced coaches at Worklogic are skilled at supporting people at all levels of seniority to build their capability and effectiveness. Our coaches bring to the table a unique perspective and skill-set, underpinned by Worklogic’s deep understanding of workplace conflict and effective strategies to improve workplace culture, team dynamics, interpersonal relationships and performance at work.

Worklogic is a fully- functioning hybrid workplace and can provide services in person or via video conference. Worklogic is compliant with any current public health orders and is committed to prioritising the health and safety of staff and clients. 

There are a number of scenarios where our coaches can provide practical and effective support:

  • Conflict Coaching – Supporting individuals to consider their relationship, choices and impact, and develop goals and actions they can take to change unhelpful dynamics.
  • Executive Coaching – Time efficient, individual support focussed on building strengths, and creating space for reflection, self-development creativity and innovation.
  • New leader Coaching – supporting a new leader to become a leader is as much about identity and values as it is about technical know-how.  New leader coaching helps a new leader find their leadership identity and manage the often tricky people-issues that new leaders find difficult to navigate.
  • Leadership Coaching – effective behavioural and values-based transition is necessary at every level of leadership.  Whether it is transitioning from managing staff, to managing managers, to managing a business, to leading organisational change, it’s about what we value.  Leadership coaching supports alignment between capabilities, values and leadership level.
  • Performance Improvement Coaching – helping individuals to identify and build on their strengths, overcome weaknesses and make specific behavioural changes that will help them improve their effectiveness.
  • Team Coaching – helping teams or work groups to build skills in self-reflection, mindfulness, autonomy and ability to relate to one another and improve team cohesion and performance.

It is important to understand that our coaches do not provide therapy or counselling, which typically focuses on the sources of client’s concerns (often from their past) and helping clients to manage their lives more effectively.

Our coaches are independent, present and future-focused and solution, task and action-oriented. Our sensitive, client-centred work leaves your people and organisation better equipped to effectively lead, manage relationships and performance, and resolve conflict at work.

This is why clients trust us with this important work.

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Integrity Line

Integrity Line is an independent whistleblower service for complaints about inappropriate conduct at work, provided by Worklogic. Click here to visit the Integrity Line website.