Aftermath or Afterglow: Improving Team Dynamics and Workplace Culture After A Misconduct Investigation

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The fundamental purpose of conducting a workplace investigation is to gather evidence and determine the facts about an allegation of inappropriate behaviour or misconduct at work – not to resolve conflict or cultural issues. Left unaddressed, these issues can fester and cause continued problems. After witnessing this first hand for the last ten years, Worklogic embarked on an ambitious research project to identify how to improve workplace culture and team dynamics following a workplace investigation.
Worklogic Research Overview
Conducted by Worklogic, together with researcher Sarah Carrier of Monash University, the research explores the following questions:
Research methodology

Worklogic explored the latest academic research on post-investigation support and surveyed Australian employers to uncover exactly what they were doing to address challenges post-investigation and what was working (or not!) on the ground.

Research content
The conduct of workplace investigations is an important but still developing practice in Australia. Done well, they can assist employers to make informed and appropriate decisions about workplace issues and complaints but undertaken poorly, they can sour relationships and themselves become the focus of complaint and litigation. This text Workplace Investigations 2nd Edition is a well-researched, sound and practical guide on this topic and represents an excellent.
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Worklogic has put together a series of audio chats with the authors, discussing hot topics covered in the book including digital evidence, investigating senior employees, #Metoo and trauma-informed practice and the obligations for employers to investigate allegations of bullying.

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