Consequence Management Framework

Does your organisation struggle to handle and manage inappropriate behaviour in the workplace in a professional and consistent manner?

Developing a Consequence Management Framework for your organisation solves this age old issue by implementing world’s best practice.


What is a Consequence Management Framework?

A Consequence Management Framework takes a risk-based approach to guide people leaders through the processes required when they witness or have reported to them inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Organisations implement a Consequence Management Framework based off existing Code of Conduct and policies as well as the expectations set by the organisation of all employees.

The CMF guides the people leader through:

  •  The triage process regarding the behaviour and provides a clear guide for what action they need to take.
  •  It sets out the process they need to follow and what support is available to them in managing the behaviour.
  • The CMF sets out what their reporting requirements are to effectively manage the behaviour including how to determine and apply appropriate and consistent sanctions.

The development of a CMF for any organisation significantly simplifies the management of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace and allows people managers to consistently, assess, manage, and investigate inappropriate behaviours in the workplace in a fair, transparent and consistent manner.


Principals of Consequence Management Framework

A CMF seeks to ensure that the processes for managing complaints and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace and the consequences applied for the inappropriate behaviour is:

  • Fair, appropriate and proportionate to the conduct concerned and that individual circumstances and other relevant factors are considered;
  • Considers the relevant legislative, policy and regulatory requirements in the various jurisdictions that the organisation operates in;
  • Transparent and applied consistently and support people leaders to achieve the right outcomes; and
  • Provides support and guidance for people leaders and support functions in the organisation to fairly and reasonably manage inappropriate conduct in the workplace.
Our Approach

Our first step is to assess whether the implementation of Consequence Management Framework is appropriate for your organisation. Each CMF is uniquely tailored to the needs of an organisation. Get in touch and one of our highly skilled consultants can discuss what options are best for your situation.

Worklogic is a fully- functioning hybrid workplace and can provide services in person or via video conference. Worklogic is compliant with any current public health orders and is committed to prioritising the health and safety of staff and clients. 

If you would like to learn more, take a look at Practice Leader Simon Thorne’s blog on Consequence Management Framework which details the specific model used and process of CMF’s.

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Integrity Line

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