The Positive Duty to Prevent Sexual Harassment: What are the the latest shifts and trends as seen by Worklogic consultants and what’s on the horizon for employers?

February 27, 2024 12:30 pm –
1:15 pm
Topic Covered

 Gain valuable perspectives on how employers have navigated and addressed the changes possibly needed since the Positive Duty came into effect.


Samantha Edwards

In this webinar, Worklogic experts, Samantha Edwards, Simon Thorne, and Jason Clark will provide their insights into the developing landscape of employer practices in response to the positive duty requirements.

During this panel discussion, the team will delve into the changing nature of employee complaints and explore innovative approaches that employers are adopting to enhance their complaint-handling processes, promote safe workplaces and compliance with their positive duty obligations.

Join Jason, Samantha, and Simon as they share their predictions for the future about how employers will continue to adapt to stay compliant and foster safe workplaces.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with the panellists and pose your questions as the discussion unfolds.

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Integrity Line

Integrity Line is an independent whistleblower service for complaints about inappropriate conduct at work, provided by Worklogic. Click here to visit the Integrity Line website.