The benefits of developing a Consequence Management Framework

Simon Thorne
June 21, 2023

Does your organisation struggle to handle and manage inappropriate behaviour in the workplace in a professional, appropriate and consistent manner? Developing a Consequence Management Framework for your organisation solves this age old issue by implementing world’s best practice.

Principal Consultant and Practice Leader Simon Thorne will discuss the principles and overall benefits of developing a Consequence Management Framework.

In this 45 min webinar, Simon will outline what is a Consequence Management Framework and how it assists people leaders, HR functions and can add significant benefits for your organisation.

Simon will outline the key principles of a Consequence Management Framework such as :

– How do your people leaders triage, classify and manage complaints in a consistent and fair manner
– How do your people leaders apply your organisations policies in a consistent, transparent and fair manner
– the consequences applied for the inappropriate behaviour are fair, appropriate and proportionate to the conduct concerned and that individual circumstances in line with your policies.


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