Drafting Allegations Masterclass

Clear and precise allegations form the foundation for an effective and procedurally fair workplace investigation. Allegation flaws are very common and surprisingly hard to fix once an investigation is underway. Employee complaints usually and understandably contain statements of opinion, emotion, speculation as well as allegations of fact. Translating an employee complaint into a statement of allegations is an important skill for managers, HR professionals and workplace investigators and can save you time and money.

Our standard in-house training half day rate applies to run this course at your premises for up to 20 people. Please note, depending on your requirements and location, additional charges may also apply.

Why attend?

In this Masterclass, we will coach you through:

Participants will be coached through several complaint scenarios based on de-identified real cases and  become proficient at drafting allegations to set up investigations designed to provide clear and robust findings of fact.

The ability to draft sound allegations will assist in streamlining your allegation process, save time and money when briefing external investigators and provide a sound framwork for a procedurally fair investigation.

Who should attend?
This masterclass is aimed at Managers and HR professionals whose role it is to triage employee complaints or to investigate allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour.
1/2 day.
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Dr Catherine Crock
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Integrity Line

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