To celebrate Mother’s Day, the ‘Walklogic’ team got active and took a walk around Melbourne’s beautiful Botanical gardens, to raise funds to support life-saving breast cancer research.

This past Mother’s Day, the Worklogic team participated in the Mother’s Day Classic to help all of those women, men and their families that are thrown into the vortex of breast cancer. These people include some of our dearest friends and colleagues, our mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and some of us ourselves.

Although the forecast said otherwise, it was a beautiful morning for a walk around ‘The Tan’ while we joined thousands of others paying tribute to survivors and people that lost the battle. The Mother’s Day classic just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary and continues to be a well-organised and deeply impactful event.

What a fantastic day to come together, raise money for an important charity and be part of something bigger than ourselves. The “Walklogic ” team will be back next year, dressed in pink and raring to go.

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