Mooski is Worklogic’s delightful online team building experience where colleagues get to know each other better and reflect on their own individual traits, values, strengths and work relationships.
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Mooski is built on the latest research from business schools and organisational psychologists about:

  • intrinsic motivation
  • mindfulness
  • purpose and values
  • workplace culture
  • innovation
  • happiness.

Mooski is a three-week online team training program. We provide a strengths-based approach, designed by experts to build resilience and adaptability in everyone.

Mooski has arisen from Worklogic’s passion for helping employers build a positive workplace culture and from our clients’ need to adapt training to include workers who are “too busy” for training, on flexible time, located remotely – and the many who groan when told they have to attend a mandatory training session with a packet of Arnott’s Assorted Creams as sole inducement!

You can ‘Mooski” a team of up to 15 people from just $1,450 (including GST).

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Download our discussion paper “Reaching a Flexible and Busy Workforce: Are Your Training Efforts Hitting the Mark” to learn more about the Mooski program and why your company should embrace digital team building!