Tanya Hunter

Principal Consultant, Melbourne

Tanya has conducted many complex workplace investigations, including investigations into sexual harassment, across a range of industries, for both public and private sector agencies and for not-for-profit organisations. She is passionate about ensuring the workplace is a safe and productive space for everyone, and supports practical and positive approaches to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and systemic discrimination, using trauma-informed practice.

Tanya brings her considerable criminal and civil litigation experience and policy consulting background to her role as a workplace investigator and trainer. She is passionate about creating positive workplaces, and using a trauma-informed approach to ensure that all parties are supported when workplace complaints need to be investigated.

Tanya brings a balanced, impartial approach to the entire process from preliminary analysis of complaints to conducting investigations and creating productive policy guidance and solutions.

Tanya has worked with state and local government, not-for-profits and private firms in the US (Chicago, Alaska and New York) and Australia. She has extensive experience working with vulnerable clients and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, as well as working within legislative and compliance frameworks and enterprise agreements.

Tanya is an excellent communicator who enjoys helping stakeholders come to the policy or workplace solution that resolves disputes in the most efficient and constructive manner.

Tanya's Posts

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