Marc Dib

Principal Consultant, Melbourne

Marc has over 12 years’ experience in federal law enforcement including policy and strategy roles and has provided strategic advice to whole of government committees on issues such as Professional Standards, organised crime, fraud and anti-corruption, community engagement and terrorism.

Since joining Worklogic, Marc has applied his experience and has worked with Government and private clients to investigate workplace misconduct, provide advice and recommendations to bets resolve workplace conflict and deliver workplace training to enhance clients’ capabilities in providing and positive and cohesive workplace environment.

With close to two decades experience as a senior investigator, Marc’s passion stems from his belief that every workplace should be a positive one and we should all embrace our differences to achieve that goal.

Marc is a recognised and well-respected senior investigator with widespread knowledge in a vast range of crime portfolios. Throughout his career, Marc has consistently been called upon to assist in achieving outcomes effectively and cultivating productive and ongoing working relationships.

Marc has worked in areas of high sensitivity and secrecy and understands the importance of confidentiality and privacy around progressing investigations. This trust has earned Marc a reputation as holding high integrity standards and has placed him as a recommended industry advisor.

Marc's Posts

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