Navigating & Resetting the team post-COVID

Simon Thorne
March 24, 2021

Workplace managers and organisational leaders have a golden opportunity to invigorate and improve team culture as we enter a post-COVID world. Worklogic consultant Simon Thorne discusses how navigating a new way of thinking around how we work could lead to a more engaged and productive workforce. 

There are so many terms and concepts that have emerged over the last 12 months that we were never been faced with before. Words such as lockdown, isolation, pivot, hub and resilience are now used in a new context and have become part of our daily lives. Working from home is now an option and grabbing a facemask before we leave the house is our new reality.
The coronavirus has not only forced us to adapt our way of working but pushed management to shift their thinking around leadership. The lockdowns, border closures and threats of fines forced us to adapt and comply.
So much has changed in the past twelve months and the future appears uncertain. So, what next for organisational leaders?
Since the start of the pandemic, all workplaces in Australia have undergone some form of change. As workplaces have adapted by utilising technical tools such as Zoom, the workforce realised that they can be productive, disciplined, and effective from their own loungerooms and makeshift home offices. As a result, employees are reluctant to return to the workplace of the past; one that includes the grind of the daily commute, working an 8-hour day and returning home to squeeze in some leisure time before bed. The rinse and repeat routine just doesn’t work anymore, now that the workforce realises that they can still be great employees in casual clothes and have more time to spend more time with their family and loved ones.
These changes have created a whole new range of challenges for workplace leaders across the country. As attitudes to working have changed, leaders will all have to rethink how we engage, work with, supervise and coach our employees in the future.

How do leaders navigate this new way of thinking?

Organizations have a fantastic opportunity to shape workplaces of the future. To create a different, improved and highly productive workforce that is well positioned to tackle any challenges that come our way.
Worklogic Director, Grevis Beard breaks down 5 Essential Skills for Managing Teams, a course where he trains managers with core skills to navigate team issues and tricky situations:

  • Managing conflict
  • Being present
  • Walking the talk (values)
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Ensuring clarity

Leaders can navigate this new workforce by being present and listening to the needs of their staff, while understanding and adhering to the organisational values of the company.
Leaders need to sensitively navigate the inevitable conflicts between employee demands and organisational requirements. It is the responsibility of organisational leaders to ensure that their employees have clarity around the new way of working and the expectations that their employer has of them going forward.
At times, leaders will need to have difficult conversations with their employees to ensure that employee and organisational requirements are aligned.
Organisational leaders will be required to both flexible and focused to create these workplaces of the future. To deliver a new paradigm for their employees that can drive a reinvigorated and engaged workforce who will hopefully deliver better outcomes never imagined in the old world.
Employers who take the opportunity to navigate the transition to the workplace of the future will create a competitive advantage by having a fully engaged and productive workforce in the new world. Those that do not jump at this chance, risk being left behind.

Please note, Worklogic is engaged by employers to investigate allegations of misconduct at work and to provide advice on building a positive workplace culture.  We do not act for individuals. 

5 Essential Management Skills Workshop
Presented by Grevis Beard

Management takes far more than the technical expertise.

Many managers find that they are unprepared, or lacking confidence, in in managing the tough team issues like an unethical culture, misconduct or poor performance conversations. These problems take emotional intelligence, grit and skill. The risks can be high for the individual, and for the organisation. In this half-day workshop, managers learn core skills not taught in business school.

Who should attend?

New and experienced managers

Supervisors of big and small teams

Executives and leaders

To book a course or to discuss the type of training that your organisation needs, please email us at or fill in a contact form here and one of our team will be in touch. 

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