Feb 28

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] How to use coaching to improve performance at work

People at every level of an organisation face challenges associated with their roles. Often, these problems are not about technical expertise, but interpersonal style, identity and values, or leadership capability. If left unattended, these problems can have lasting and damaging impacts on individuals, teams and the organisation. This is where workplace coaching can help.

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In this webinar, Worklogic Senior Consultant, Angela Seach explains how and when to deploy coaching to improve an individual’s performance at work.

Angela explores:

– the benefits of coaching for the person, their team and the broader organisation
– common scenarios where coaching can make a significant difference and the type of coaching to deploy for each situation
– the difference between mentoring, mediation, counselling and coaching.

Watch this webinar on demand to discover the benefits of coaching to improve performance at work.

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