Commissioner Peter Hampton, Panel Head, Anti-Bullying jurisdiction, Fair Work Commission:

The conduct of workplace investigations is an important but still developing practice in Australia. Done well, they can assist employers to make informed and appropriate decisions about workplace issues and complaints but undertaken poorly, they can sour relationships and themselves become the focus of complaint and litigation. This text Workplace Investigations 2nd Edition is a well-researched, sound and practical guide on this topic and represents an excellent resource and contribution to this developing practice.

Peter Wilson, Chairperson, Australian Human Resources Institute:

Every HR Manager’s nightmare is a workplace dispute or wrongdoing affecting an employee which, if mishandled, can quickly go pear-shaped and become a major time consuming and expensive court action. The new book Effective Workplace Investigations by Rose Bryant- Smith, Grevis Beard and Lisa Klug is just what the doctor ordered to treat these nightmares before they occur.

The book is a simple and clear practitioner’s guide on how to handle and treat all major workplace investigations, both in respect of reasonable compliance with applicable laws but also procedural fairness and modern ethical leadership values  and principles. Whether it’s an event of discrimination, fraud, bullying or something similar – the reader will easily find tips to manage the relevant challenge and suggestions to get the problem sorted and settled amicably.

When the matter is headed for court action – there are also sensible suggestions as to how to collect evidence and make findings which will withstand judicial scrutiny, and examples of where courts have found investigations to be procedurally flawed. No HR Manager with critical line operating responsibilities should be without this book. It’s a must read for those wanting to succeed in our great profession.

 Suyin Ng, Former Director of Strategy and Legal Affairs, Lonely Planet

Packed with sound advice and eminently readable, Effective Workplace Investigations is a must-have for in-house lawyers, risk managers, HR managers and others embarking on an in-house investigation. Its commercial approach and sound basis in current employment law will give readers confidence that their investigation is robust, reliable, and best practice. Highly recommended.

Anna Molan, Director of Operations, Justice Connect:

Effective Workplace Investigations is an invaluable resource. It successfully interweaves the legal and policy setting with the complex human dimensions that are at play in workplace investigations and provides a wise, clear and robust framework for thorough and thoughtful

investigations. It will provide investigators with the confidence to act with empathy and integrity and gives organisations and their staff the best possible chance of resolving and learning from workplace conflicts and complaints and buildingmore positive and resilient workplace cultures.


 Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Executive Director, St James Ethics Centre

This text has many fine qualities, including that it is clearly written, easy to navigate and practically useful. But of greater significance is the authors’ evident commitment to a solid ethical base on which they build. That foundation can be expressed as a cardinal rule – that workplace investigations be designed and implemented to seek the truth and be fair to all.

 Chris Gillies, Chairperson – MS Society, Director – Oakton Limited, Director – Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, Director – UHG, and Executive Mentor

Unfavourable behaviours in the workplace can cost thousands in lost productivity and, in the worst case, legal action. This comprehensive and practical guide is not only a must for HR Managers, but also a very useful and easy to understand guide for line managers in recognising the warning signs of potentially destructive situations, and ensuring that they are dealt with early and effectively.

 Dr Tracy Wilcox, School of Management, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales:

Workplace investigations are rarely straightforward, and can be a vexed issue for many Human Resource Managers. Effective Workplace Investigations offers a comprehensive set of guidelines to help managers negotiate the complex interpersonal, legal and ethical questions typically associated with these inquiries. My congratulations to the authors – this book is a welcome addition to the practitioner literature and should be on every HR Manager’s bookshelf.

 Stella Birch, Senior Advisor to the Academic Registrar on Student Complaints, RMIT University:

Finally! A clearly written, comprehensive, and practical guide demystifying the underpinning processes of a sound workplace investigation. This book should be a constant companion for anyone required to produce fair, robust and consistent results while navigating the often difficult terrain of sensitive workplace investigations. 

 David van den Berg, Senior Employee Relations Manager, Thiess Services Pty Ltd:

Workplace grievances need to be dealt with appropriately. Unfortunately, the process by which companies manage workplace grievances is too often devoid of a systematic approach that results in grievances not being properly addressed and at worst the complainant feeling like they are at fault. A lack of procedural fairness and natural justice that leads to poor outcomes that do not adequately resolve the grievance is a key failing of many investigations.

This is why Effective Workplace Investigations is such an important contribution for HR professionals and general management. It provides a clear and concise process for dealing with grievances at all stages of the process. Most importantly it incorporates key learnings for topics, highlights critical issues and has important tips throughout. This is a how to guide that all HR teams should have at their fingertips to assist in managing employee grievances logically, fairly and thoroughly.

 Clare Darmanin, General Counsel, Agrium Asia Pacific Limited:

A practical guide with a ‘cover-all-bases’ best practice approach that should be recommended reading for anyone who is trying to navigate their way through the myriad of complexities that are involved in workplace investigations. Effective Workplace Investigations is an invaluable resource that even the most skilled investigator will find useful.

 Neville Tiffen, Specialist Consultant – Compliance, Neville Tiffen & Associates, and former Global Head of Compliance, Rio Tinto:

Organisational justice is a key driver to achieving integrity and compliance in the workplace. That means an organisation needs to respond to allegations fairly and consistently and be seen to be doing so. Well conducted investigations are central to this. Effective Workplace Investigations will be a very valuable aid to managers conducting investigations, instructing external agencies or making decisions based on an investigation.

 Amanda Smith, Associate Director HROD, Oxfam Australia:

This is a valuable resource for human resources managers dealing with workplace complaints and disputes. Effective Workplace Investigations is a practical ‘how to’ manual to understanding the risks, challenges and obligations of workplace investigations.

 Michele Le Noury, Industrial and Employee Relations Manager, Yooralla:

Not only does this book provide a useful framework for the conduct of investigations, but the authors have generously shared their extensive experience to provide tools and tips for the novice investigator. I can see this practical guide being a must have in the library of every employee relations department, it will certainly be compulsory reading for my team.

 Nicholas S. Barnett, CEO, Insync Surveys and author of ‘GPS for your Organisation’:

This is a great ‘how to’ handbook for tackling difficult workplace investigations. It demystifies the process and provides sound guidance to HR Managers in relation to the complex issues and the many challenges they’ll face.

 Linda Baxter, Director, Continuing Professional Development, Leo Cussen Centre for Law:

If you don’t know where to start with your workplace investigation, then start by reading this ‘go to’ guide. Both comprehensive and practical, Effective Workplace Investigations is an invaluable tool to assist with navigating this complex process.