Worklogic’s Summer Reading List

Jean Lizza
January 11, 2023

With some hot summer days on the horizon, what better way to avoid the heat than with some inspired Summer reading, watching and listening recommendations from the Worklogic staff. (Can also be enjoyed in cooler months!)

Samantha Edwards is a Principal Consultant at Worklogic (Sydney) and recommends this timely book on the William Tyrrell investigation.

Badness  by Gary Jubelin (Harper Colins, 2022)

Gary Jubelin’s name is synonymous with the investigation into the disappearance of Willian Tyrrell, having formerly been the lead detective on this investigation for four years. This autobiography explores his 34-year career with the NSW Police, as well as offering deeply personal insights into his own experience of being charged with a crime (illegally recorded conversations with a witness as part of the William Tyrrell investigation) which led to his resignation. His own criminal conviction, and now reinvention as a journalist and podcaster, enable him to examine the nature of criminality from a new and unique perspective which provides for a fascinating read.

Angela Seach is an Associate Director at Worklogic (Melbourne) and our resident music fan. Here are her watching and listening recommendations when you’re trying to avoid the heat.


Just Ignore Him by Alan Davies (Brown Book Group, 2022)

Auto-biographies written by comedians are usually pretty risky in terms of quality of prose, structure and insights.  Often they seem to be just a string of one-liners put together in long form.  I love Alan Davies, but my aversion to comedian books meant that although it came out in 2020, I didn’t read it till early this year. It was very different to your standard comedian fare – beautifully written, insightful, and at the same time heart-achingly sad and funny.  

Nick Cave

Faith, Hope and Carnage by Nick Cave and Sean O’Hagan (Canongate, 2022)

Interesting both for the content and the structure.  A series of transcripts of recorded conversations between Cave and O’Hagan during pandemic lockdowns, exploring (spoiler alert – it’s in the title) complex and at times challenging issues like addiction, loss and grief.  It’s a bit like the Red Hand Files (which I love) on steroids!


Shandee’s Legacy  Presented by Hedley Thomas (The Australian, 2022)

This podcast is the ‘sequel’ to Shandee’s Story, previous podcast by Hedley Thomas into the unsolved murder of a young woman, Shandee Blackburn, who was murdered in 2013.  In researching for the original podcast, Thomas reached out to  Dr Kirsty Wright for help in interpreting DNA evidence in Shandee’s case.  What followed was an exposure of systemic problems in the Queensland Forensic Scientific Services, and finally, a public Inquiry into the performance of the service. Shandee’s Legacy has followed the Inquiry.  The Inquiry is due to publish its findings in mid- December 2022, and given the evidence heard, the report will be critical reading for anyone interested in understanding the potentially devastating consequences that can result when poor change management and toxic workplace relationships collide.

TV Show

Stuff the British Stole Presented by Marc Fennell (ABC TV)

A six part series in which Marc Fennell explores the history of 6 iconic and priceless objects, taken by the British Empire.  Each story provides  insights into the context in which the object was taken, as well as exploring the impact on those from which the object was taken, and why they want their stuff back!


Drugs in Sport At Least We’ll Always Have Rock n Roll to Fall Back On

Also a personal motto of mine.  Breathe is a killer song.

Joey’s Coop Lachlan Valley Dirt

Very grown up indeed.

Jill Murphy is a Principal Consultant at Worklogic (Melbourne) and a champion of feminist causes. Here are some recommendations from predominantly female artists.


Helen Garner

How to End a Story- Diaries 1995-1998 by Helen Garner (Text Publishing, 2022)

This year, I have been indulging in Helen Garner’s writings (she just turned 80!). I most recently read her book, How to End A Story – Diaries 1995-1998, a beautifully written book about her marriage – it is raw and vulnerable, but also so joyful and self-deprecating. 

The Truth About Her by Jacqueline Maley (Harper Collins, 2022)

I also consumed Jacqueline Maley’s book, The Truth About Her, about a journalist dealing with the impact of a story she wrote about an online blogger. She is also a single mother and trying to juggle work, relationships and parenting. Jacqueline Maley writes for The Age and this is her first book. It’s hard to put down – great summer reading!


Catastrophe Stan, 2015

I really enjoyed the series, ‘Catastrophe‘ (Stan). It’s a funny, light show set in London, about an American advertising executive (Rob Delaney) and an Irish school teacher (Sharon Horgan) living in London. It’s very funny, but also really kind-hearted and relatable. This series was made a few years ago, but I just discovered it. My 18- and 20-year old sons loved it too!

Bad Sisters Apple TV, 2022

I am now watching more of Sharon Hogan, in the murder-mystery series, ‘Bad Sisters‘ (Apple TV), a story of five sisters living in Dublin. It’s funny, clever and the character development is excellent. It’s very much about family love and the complexities of sibling relationships. Lizza is responsible for Marketing at Worklogic and recommends these inspiring female centric programs.


Pam Grier

TCM- The Plot Thickens: Pam Grier (2022)

This excellent podcast series returns to look at the life and times of iconic actress and blacksploitation queen. No one is cooler and fiercer than Pam Grier- her tenacity and bravery is inspiring.

TV Series

A League of Their Own (Amazon, 2022)

It’s quite a challenge to remake Penny Marshall’s incredibly well-loved and charming film into a TV series but they’ve managed to do it and have created something fresh and new. Bringing stories of race and LGBTQIA issues to the fore provides a modern slant on an already excellent and enduring story. A phenomenal cast.

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