The Retreat Report 2022

Storm Carnie
March 28, 2022

Worklogic’s 2022 Retreat – Kalorama, Victoria

Worklogic Team 2022

The last two years have seen the Worklogic team working mainly from home, sometimes in isolation, and sometimes while home schooling children with many of our clients doing the same. We won’t lie – it hasn’t been easy! But we have some of the most supportive and considerate colleagues and clients going around so we are endlessly grateful and won’t complain too much!

So, what do Worklogicians do, when cities open up, the tourism industry needs a boost, and our teams across Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane haven’t seen each other in person for what feels like forever? (Hint: we wrote a blog on it – read it here)

You got it. We hit pause on the BAU and activated the Worklogic Retreat 2022.

Last week, the Worklogic team travelled to the picturesque and serene rural spot known as Kalorama. Located in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Worklogicians were able to enjoy a few days of professional development, planning, and ideas generation (also… food, fun and games over the repeated and audible ‘clink’ of glasses…) while surrounded by all the beautiful greenery and wildlife the Ranges have to offer. AND ALL WITHOUT ZOOM!!!!

The team at a A Country Place in Kalorama were fantastic and the venue is well-equipped to run big conferences and events, complimenting the picturesque surrounds.

Kalorama, Victoria

Day 1

Our first day was spent in travel, which, under pre-COVID circumstances might otherwise be considered a little tedious. However, with the anticipated congregation of Worklogicians from all over the country and the fact that travel has largely been restricted, the excursion was taken on with great excitement and enthusiasm from all. It was wonderful to get out from behind a computer screen and out again into the world!

Once everyone arrived, we gathered in the beautiful bar and dining area which overlooked the lawns and gardens of the venue. Pre-dinner drinks saw our Worklogicians catching up by the fireplace, with some meeting each other in person for the first time. On that note, it is worthwhile again extending our warmest welcome to new Perth-based Director Jen Porter, Perth-based Principal Consultant Bec Taseff, Brisbane-based Consultant Elsie Coetzee, and Melbourne-based Consultant Dianne Cubbins.

Day 2

How else would we begin Day 2 of the Worklogic Retreat 2022 if not with a Worklogic-style team building exercise? Not that we’re competitive… (looking at you Marc Dib!)

With three targets set up on the glorious lawns, we were armed with recurve bows and feathered arrows then split into three groups. There was some tough competition and I honestly can’t recall which group came first in the end, though I’m sure my colleagues might call that ‘selective memory loss’! (Okay I admit I wasn’t at all fabulous at archery but I gave it my best and that’s what counts right?) What I can tell you is that Jen Porter, Director, absolutely dominated the contest with an amazing final shot at the target to secure the overall best individual performance. Go Jen!

Worklogic Consultant Jill Murphy

Archery is such a fun team building exercise and we’d like to extend a special thanks to Ian and the team from Yarra Valley Archery Park for a wonderful morning activity.

The team building activity was followed by our Worklogic Annual Update presented by Director, Jason Clark. The presentation discussed the position of Worklogic and how we managed as a business over the last 12 months under the COVID-19 pandemic. I won’t go into the details but am happy to report that while we have had our challenges (as many businesses have), Worklogic has a great deal to celebrate with many positive changes and achievements along the way. Of note was the implementation of our Practice Leader roles which saw Angela Seach, Melanie Roberts, and Simon Thorne taking on efforts to provide streamlined expertise in the areas of workplace mediations, workplace culture and leadership.

Principal Consultant Samantha Edwards and Practice Leader Melanie Roberts took the team through a new training package that they have been developing. The training has a strong focus on effective communication and self-awareness. The program will be relevant, engaging, and very informative and I look forward to seeing the final product. Make sure to keep an eye out for this training once it becomes available and sign up! It will certainly be in high demand as employees make the transition back into the workplace.

Tanya Hunter, Principal Consultant led us through a session about sexual misconduct and the issue of consent. Drawing upon recent cases and her own research into the issue, Tanya (as always) delivered thought-provoking and meaningful content directly relevant to the work that we do and the issues we see arising in workplaces across all industries.

The final session of the day saw the Worklogicians getting creative and having some fun. We explored the functionalities of VidVersity by creating and editing audio, visual, and written content with a view to improve the way in which we deliver our training and engage our audience.

After a hard days work, we finished Day 2 once again with an evening of conversation and robust laughter over drinks and dinner. Shoutout to Simon Thorne for his professional coaching tips and hilarious demonstrations on how to successfully pose for headshot photography!

Day 3

On the final morning, we engaged in posing for new headshots and group photographs. The gorgeous backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges proved too attractive to disregard, so we opted for some additional photographs to be taken outside. Thanks to our photographer Wilk and his assistant, Edgar for making us feel comfortable, and for making an experience which can often feel awkward and clumsy, so easy!

Make sure you keep an eye on our new website with brand new photos. Coming soon!  

The final session of the Worklogic Retreat 2022 was ‘Brainstorming the Worklogic Way’. This was a no holds barred, free-for-all discussion on what Worklogicians considered essential to improving the performance of the team and the value of services delivered to our clients. There was lots of excitable and robust conversation happening with a great many intelligent and unique suggestions being raised. The next year will certainly be a very busy and productive one.

We reluctantly said our farewells around midday and wished each other safe travels before setting off to our home locations. In the event that it is another twelve months before we can all met again together in person, we are grateful to have had this opportunity at all. We enjoyed every minute of the 2022 retreat, and come away feeling energised and ready for action.   

Thank you to our venue staff at A Country Place who were amazing and managed to keep up with our endless coffee requests. And a very special thank you to Directors Jodie Fox and Jason Clark, as well as Jodie Freiberg (Executive Assistant), Abigail Emery (Executive Assistant), and last but by no means least, Lizza (Marketing), for seamlessly developing and coordinating another wonderful and productive Worklogic event.           

If you are interested in doing something similar, Worklogic Board Member and former Director, Grevis Beard wrote a fantastic blog on how to put on a successful work retreat, which you can check out here.


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