Who can benefit from conflict coaching?

Melanie Roberts
July 17, 2019

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process in which a trained coach helps an individual gain increased confidence and competence to manage their interpersonal disputes. Conflict coaching is not therapy or counselling and the coach does not provide advice. Conflict coaching is a future focused and voluntary process that assists an individual to reach their conflict management goals.

The coach’s role is to help the individual to identify his or her goal and help take the steps required to reach them by managing the coaching process through a step-by-step model. The process is designed to help the individual gain insights and increase self-awareness and in doing so shift behaviour so as to better manage conflict.

Conflict coaching can be used as a stand alone process enabling individuals to better understand their role in conflict and makes changes to better manage conflict. Conflict conduct is learned behaviour and therefore within an individual’s control and with increased self-awareness individuals are likely to make choices and shift behaviour.

There are a number of different applications for conflict coaching:

  • In pre-mediation intake sessions to help prepare individuals for mediation and facilitated discussions, by assisting them to gain insights into their own, and the other sides, perspective of the conflict prior to the mediation and thereby helping ensure a positive mediated outcome.
  • Post-mediation to help with the continuing relationship between the parties to the mediation.
  • As a first step prior to an individual lodging a formal complaint to assist them in managing the situation themselves.
  • Post a workplace investigation to assist an individual to manage workplace relationships on returning to work.
  • Before an individual returns to work after being on workers compensation
  • For other team members before an individual returns to work
  • In preparation for a performance review for both the Manager and the team member.
  • In preparation for a difficult negotiation

About Melanie Roberts

Melanie Roberts is an experienced workplace investigator and a nationally accredited mediator, with a comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of workplace disputes. Based in Worklogic’s Sydney office,  Melanie has extensive experience conducting workplace investigations within the NSW public sector, undertaking a wide range of investigations including allegations of assault, sexual assault, workplace bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, racial and sexual discrimination. She has conducted numerous workplace reviews and is a trained conflict management coach.

Worklogic works with employers to resolve workplace complaints and create a positive culture at work.  Please contact Melaniefor an obligation-free, confidential discussion on how to manage workplace conflict.

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