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Does your culture need a review? 5 must do’s for success

As an employer, you don’t always have visibility over the extent and causes of workplace problems.  Bad behaviour and dysfunction can be hidden within teams, geographic areas, functional groups or chains of command.

If you have a suspicion that something is ‘not quite right’, you don’t have to wait to receive a formal complaint.  This is when conducting an independent workplace review or a facilitated discussion can provide you with invaluable insight and advice.
In this webinar, Worklogic Senior Consultant, Anglea Seach discusses the warning signs that your culture might need a review and shares her five ‘must-dos’ to ensure a successful outcome.

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What science can teach us about happiness at work

In this webinar, Rose Bryant-Smith will review the latest scientific thinking on happiness at work, and translate this into practical actions you can deploy at your workplace to build employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

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Dealing with a Toxic Co-Worker: Strategies to manage risk and protect yourself

In this highly practical webinar, Jodie Fox explores a variety of solutions and responses to that most tricky of situations, the toxic co-worker. Drawing on Worklogic wisdom and relevant published case law, Jodie will reflect on the following, with key take homes on each:
  • making sense of the toxicity
  • “Is it you?’
  • the broader landscape…
  • what to do, when and why
  • help is always at hand.

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How to ensure your organisation is supporting ethical behaviour

In this webinar on demand, Worklogic Associate Director Kairen Harris explains how to support ethical behaviour in your workplace.

Kairen defines ethical behaviour, discuss the importance of setting a clear standard for behaviour and and share practical strategies to promote and enforce ethical behaviour at work, gained from her extensive experience leading HR for major corporations and managing inappropriate behaviour at work. Please note: Please commence viewing at the 9.44 minute mark of this recording.

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Flawed workplace investigations (and how to avoid them!)

In this webinar, Worklogic Director Jason Clark explains typical flaws impacting procedural fairness in a workplace investigation, reviews three case studies highlighting these flaws and explains the seven ‘golden rules’ of procedural fairness.

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Common flaws in drafting allegations

In this webinar on-demand, Worklogic’s Associate Director Jodie Fox, explains the importance of sound allegations in conducting a fair and effective workplace investigation and shares some of the common flaws in drafting allegations. Please note: The webinar commences at the 19 minute mark of the recording. Please fast forward to get there! 

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Lessons for employers from the latest bullying cases

In this webinar on-demand, Worklogic’s Director and Co-Founder, Grevis Beard, discusses some recent bullying cases and
explains the implications of the findings for employers dealing with allegations of bullying at work.

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How to effectively establish an independent complaints reporting service

In this webinar, Integrity Line and Policy Development Manager, Rose Scott explains how to establish an independent complaints reporting service. She addresses common concerns (e.g. ‘we will drown in a deluge of complaints!’) and shares what to do (and what not to do!) drawing on Worklogic’s extensive experience in this space.

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Ensuring your organisation is whistle-blower ready

Worklogic Director – Sydney, Jason Clark discusses how to ensure your organisation is ready for the new Whistleblower legislation and explains:
– what constitutes disclosable conduct,
– who are the people in your organisation deemed to be eligible recipients
– what steps you can take now to ensure your organisation is whistleblower-ready

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Managing Power Imbalance at Work

Worklogic co-founder, Rose Bryant-Smith, discusses common situations where power imbalance can go wrong in the workplace and the strategies you need to implement in order to drive change and prevent re-occurance.

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A guided case study: How to conduct an investigation

 In this webinar, Jodie Fox takes you on a guided journey on how to conduct a workplace investigation.  Using a real-life example and drawing on her extensive experience, Jodie walks you through the steps required to conduct a fair and effective workplace investigation. She also points out the traps to avoid along the way!

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An Introduction to the 5 Essential Management Skills

In this webinar,  Rose Bryant-Smith, Worklogic Director and co-author of ‘Fix Your Team‘, introduces the 5 essential management skills you need to manage your team effectively:  Managing conflict; Being present
Walking the talk (values); Having difficult conversations; and Ensuring clarity.

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You Can Fix Your Team!

In this webinar Grevis Beard, Worklogic Co-Founder and co-author of ‘Fix Your Team‘, shares some of the key insights from the book and compelling case studies and explains how to:

  • recognise some of the symptoms of a dysfunctional team
  • deploy the key tools which will address conflict and poor behaviour
  • build buy-in from your peers and managers to implement the fix.

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How to Manage Workplace Conflict

There are numerous tools you can employ to help manage workplace conflict, but what is the best tool for each situation?

Watch Jodie Fox, Associate Director, as she discusses the difference between mediations, facilitated discussions and workshops and how they can help manage conflict in your workplace.

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What’s going on? Key Lessons from Organisational Failure

Recently there have been numerous examples of workplaces being exposed for their poor organisationalculture – but what causes this failureof culture and what can you do to stop it?  Discover:

  • Why workplace cultures “go wrong, go rogue”
  • Warning signs of a culture “on the way down”
  • Key ways to create an accountable and ethical culture.

Join Rose Bryant-Smith, Co-Founder and Director, as she discusses what can be learnt from recent organisational culture failures in this webinar on demand. 

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Is it Bullying when…Latest Cases on Bullying

Whilst sometimes bullying matters can be straightforward, recent decisions by the Fair Work Commission have clarified, expanded and challenged our understanding of what is bullying behaviour.

Join Grevis Beard, Co-Founder and Director, as he discusses some scenarios and explains whether the behaviour can be described as bullying.

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Increasing Happiness and Engagement at Work

Happy and engaged workplaces increase staff satisfaction and productivity, whilst minimising turnover.

Join Rose Bryant-Smith, Co-Founder and Director, as she discusses how you can improve your workplace to be more harmonious and engaged.

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What to do if you suspect fraud at work

Worklogic Associate Director, Jason Clark,  provides practical advice on what to do when you suspect fraud might be occurring in your workplace.

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Surviving the Silly Season

Worklogic Co-founder and Director Grevis Beard discusses the best way to navigate silly season so that all of your employees can have a safe and relaxing end to the year.

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How to have Effective Performance Management Conversations

Performance management conversations can be fraught with danger and can be particularly stressful for both parties involved.

Kairen Harris, Associate Director,  discusses the best way to approach performance management conversations so that you can have a constructive dialogue with your employees.

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How Conflict Coaching Develops Conflict Resolution Capability

Are you dealing with staff who are engaged in destructive conflict? Do you want to improve your team’s conflict management competency? Conflict coaching is an effective, low risk early intervention strategy.

Lisa Klug, Associate Director, explores how conflict coaching develops organisational and individual conflict resolution capability, while addressing workplace conflicts early, and eliminating risks that the conflict will escalate to a dispute.

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Lessons Learnt from the Top 10 Bullying Cases

Associate Director, Jason Clark, reviews the the top 10 bullying cases of the last few years and explains the important lessons which can learnt from them.

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Toxic at the Top: Can Toxic Managers Be Reformed?

Worklogic Co-Founder and Director Rose Bryant-Smith discusses strategies organisations can deploy to address toxic behaviour at senior levels in an organisation.

View this engaging webinar to learn the five steps to increase the accountability of senior people for the impact of their bad behaviour on the organisation. 

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What’s Going On Out There: Bullying & Sexual Harassment

Worklogic Co-Founder and Director Grevis Beard explores how and why the recent cases of sexual harassment have a bullying element to them, and what it means for your workplace culture and people risk.

View this engaging 30-minute webinar and walk away with a better understanding of recent cases where there has been cross-over between bullying and sexual harassment behaviours, the dynamics which can make workplaces prone to such behaviours and what steps you need to take, or further finesse, to minimise the risk of such behaviours arising.

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Do You Know How Your Employees Really Feel?

Worklogic Co-founder and Director, Rose Bryant-Smith explores the importance of proactively gathering employee feedback and concerns, so you can address issues before they become formal complaints.

View this informative 30-minute webinar and learn about the seven key tools that you can deploy in your organisation to encourage feedback – and what to do once you have received it!

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Workplace reviews as a tool for improving workplace culture & effectiveness

Keen to manage people risk? Want your business to be on the front foot and working on those issues that matter most to employees? Believe that staff can help shape the business agenda?

Discover the different ways to conduct successful workplace reviews in this Worklogic webinar on demand, presented by Kairen Harris, Associate Director, Worklogic and former GM HR.

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What is ‘best practice’ for your post investigation journey?

Earlier this year, Worklogic undertook ground-breaking research, supported by Monash University, into the actions employers take after an investigation has been conducted in their workplaces. In this webinar, Workogic Co-Founder & Director Rose Bryant-Smith explores:

What best practice looks like, post-investigation, for improving culture, communication and behaviour

What the data reveals, on a collective and anonymous basis, about what organisations are currently doing

“Where to from here” ? Tips and trends, and take homes.

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Dealing with High Conflict Personalities in the Workforce

Worklogic webinar on demandAssociate Director, Lisa Klug explains how to recognise, understand and deal with high conflict behaviour in the workplace.

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