Masterclass—Evidence and Analysis


Jason Clark

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Become a master evidence identifier with this brand new course. This course is presented online (AEST).

Understanding how to identify relevant evidence and how to assess and weigh the evidence is a crucial workplace investigator skill. In this masterclass you will learn about the different categories of evidence available to a workplace investigator, how to identify whether the evidence is direct, corroborative, hearsay or similar fact, while also learning the importance of assessing relevance, credibility and weight.
Finally, while working through a practical scenario, you will learn how to assess and test the evidence and construct your written analysis of that evidence.
Please contact for information on to request an invoice payment. This course is presented by Worklogic Director, Jason Clark.

Includes GST and a copy of Worklogic’s Workplace Investigations book, published by Wolters Kluwer

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