The Worklogic team are in strong demand as speakers at conferences, events and meetings on a broad range of topics relating to managing workplace conflict and building a positive culture at work.

Please note, for the health and safety of all concerned during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only available to speak at online meetings, conferences and webinars.

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Our Presentation Topics

Resolving Workplace Conflict + Managing ‘People’ Risk
Toxic at the Top: Can toxic managers be reformed?
Bullies, Backstabbers and Bigots: Managing Workplace Conflict and Inappropriate Behaviour
Successfully Managing Conflict between Staff
How to Effectively Manage High Conflict Personalities in the Workplace
‘If you go down to the woods today…’: What behaviour risk is lurking in your sector, and what do to about it
Underperformance, Unacceptable Conduct and Lower Level Toxic Behaviours

Workplace Investigations
How to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations: How to avoid costly errors and make robust findings
Hypotheticals: Workplace Investigation Scenarios – “What do you do now? What do you do next?”
How to Effectively Triage Workplace Concerns & Complaints
The Seven Golden Rules for Procedurally Fair Workplace Investigations
What you need to know to conduct fair and rigorous workplace bullying investigations
The latest examples of flawed investigations: What went wrong, Why it’s important

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
Building Fantastic Workplace cultures – 10 lessons to learn from popular films!
High Performing Workplaces: What they look like and how to achieve them
Workplace Nirvana – What it is, and how to get there
Becoming a Values & Ethics-led Organisations
Emotional intelligence: Why it is a force for good

Leadership Skills
Understanding the Differences and How to Respond Effectively
Difficult Conversations: Tips and traps
Motivating Managers to Motivate teams