Triage! Minimising conflict and responding to complaints

What is a ‘real’ complaint? Is it office gossip or a genuine risk to your employees? How do I tell whether it is serious or not? As an HR professional, you need to be able to respond to conflict, inappropriate behaviour and complaints, often when tensions are high and the pressure is on to take action. The earlier a complaint is recognised and assessed, the faster it will be resolved. In this practical training module, we will explore the causes of conflict, ways to minimise it and how to assess and respond to complaints quickly and effectively, after considering the options and determining the best way forward.

Our standard in-house training half day rate or 1.5 hour rate applies to run this course at your premises for up to 20 people. Please note, depending on your requirements and location, additional charges may also apply.

Topics covered

Addressing conflict effectively:

What to do when faced with complaints and allegations:

What is the best response?

Managing risks:

This course has been designed for:

1 ½ hours or half day.

The half day version involves interactive discussion and case studies.

“Grevis’ presentation at the ACC Australia National Conference was phenomenal. Grevis spoke about a really important topic – toxic work environments and how to proactively deal with the dysfunctions that cause the toxicity to arise. Grevis has a fun and entertaining presentation style which was really great paired with the serious and important content he presented.”
Theo Kapodistrias
- Lawyer, University of Tasmania
Chat with authors

Worklogic has put together a series of audio chats with the authors, discussing hot topics covered in the book including digital evidence, investigating senior employees, #Metoo and trauma-informed practice and the obligations for employers to investigate allegations of bullying.

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Integrity Line

Integrity Line is an independent whistleblower service for complaints about inappropriate conduct at work, provided by Worklogic. Click here to visit the Integrity Line website.