Effective Interviewing

Whether you need to conduct interviews in an in-house workplace investigation, or need to conduct an important conversation with an employee, knowing how to elicit the most reliable information, and how to record the information, is crucial.

Topics covered:

PART A – Recording Information during

  • Typed, handwritten or audio recording?
  • How to take good notes
  • Issues that arise during interviews
  • Practical exercises in effective notetaking
  • Record keeping, retention and regulation

PART B – Investigative Interview

  • Why investigative interviewing is so
  • Barriers to communication
  • Memory and how it works
  • What is a conversation?
  • What is telling?
  • What is listening?
  • Types of witnesses
  • Interview planning
  • Interview conduct – process and appropriate questioning techniques
  • Dealing with poor behaviour


This course has been designed for:

  • HR Managers
  • Managers and Supervisors


Half Day


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