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Worklogic’s In-House Training Courses

Worklogic delivers a comprehensive range of workplace training courses ‘in house’ for up to 20 people per session.

Our range of courses offers a diversity of content and program length that provide a wealth of practical content and skill-building. Worklogic can also develop custom training programs to suit your organisation’s learning needs and priorities.

Being pro-active is the key to a thriving workplace culture. Invest in your team and enjoy the results.

Professional Conduct in the Workplace

Motivate your employees to create a fair and equitable workplace!

All employees need to know what standards of behaviour are expected of them, and what the consequences are for breach. This course focuses on values, culture, policy and rules and how they empower both employers and staff.

This course is suitable for all employees and poses the question- What sort of workplace do you want? Find out more

Upstander Training

Supporting staff to act when witnessing inappropriate behaviour at work

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to have a workplace culture that is truly “upstanding” when it comes to inappropriate behaviour. Supporting staff to act, either directly or directly, is key to organisations being able to fix issues as they arise.

This empowering and engaging course is suitable for all staff who will gain insights that are truly invaluable. Find out more

Contact Officers 

 A Contact Officer plays an important role, and they are often on their own

Contact officers need to be confident to give advice, to refer employees for help and support, and to explain the organisation’s policies and processes.

In this course, Contact Officers learn how to recognise and address issues in ways that avoid escalation of disputes, support their colleagues and find good outcomes for everyone involved. Find out more

Triage! Handling complaints at an early stage

What is a ‘real’ complaint? Is it office gossip or a genuine risk to your employees? How do I tell whether it is serious or not?

As an HR professional, you need to be able to respond to conflict, inappropriate behaviour and complaints, often when tensions are high and the pressure is on to take action.

In this practical course for managers, we explore the causes of conflict, ways to minimise it and how to assess and respond to complaints quickly and effectively. Find out more

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

Worklogic’s most popular course!

Whether you are an HR professional, manager or compliance officer, you may need to conduct an in-house workplace investigation in the future, or already have conducted one. This practical course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to conduct an effective, fair and legally sound workplace investigation.

Worklogic’s flagship course is suitable for HR professionals and managers. Find out more

Masterclass- Drafting Allegations

Translating an employee complaint into a statement of allegations is an important skill for managers, HR professionals and workplace investigators and can save you time and money.

Clear and precise allegations form the foundation for an effective and procedurally fair workplace investigation. Allegation flaws are very common and surprisingly hard to fix once an investigation is underway. The ability to draft sound allegations will assist in streamlining your allegation process, save time and money when briefing external investigators and provide a sound framework for a procedurally fair investigation.

This course is suitable for managers whose role it is to triage complaints or investigate allegations. Find out more

Masterclass – Investigative Interviewing

Master the interview process by honing your technique!

Whether you need to conduct interviews in an in-house workplace investigation, or an important conversation with an employee, knowing how to elicit the most reliable information through investigative interviewing, and how to record the information gathered, is crucial.

This essential course is suitable for HR managers, compliance managers, HR professionals and workplace investigators. Find out more

Conversations that Matter 

Stressed about how to have a difficult conversation with an employee?

This practical course focuses on how to prepare and complete performance-related conversation and achieve the best possible outcome for yourself, your employees and the organisation. Strategies of approach, planning the conversation and understanding your style assists managers in getting the best outcomes out of a tricky conversation.

Suitable for managers, this course shows how having difficult conversations leads to a better performing workplaces. Find out more

Managing Performance

Learn how to give honest feedback in a respectful way – and in a way that neither party will dread or regret!

Genuine and effective conversations with your employees about their performance and career development are essential for any team. Master the art of the performance conversation: listening, negotiating, giving both positive and negative feedback about performance and planning for the future.

Suitable for managers, HR team members and supervisors. Find out more

For the health and safety of all concerned during the COVID-19 pandemic, we conduct all of our in-house training programs online.

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