Zayne Breadmore brings a highly practical and diverse skillset to bear in his role as a consultant with Worklogic. Zayne is passionate about promoting ethical health within organisations and using his broad incident management experience to assist clients navigate complex workplace matters. An experienced investigator in criminal and civil jurisdictions, Zayne approaches workplace matters impartially, analytically and with sensitivity.

Prior to joining Worklogic, Zayne served extensively in state law enforcement where he developed expertise in responding to and managing complex incidents and investigations. Since then, Zayne has served as an advisor to a World Top 100 University in the investigation and management of problem behaviours and as an investigator with a Federal Government Joint Agency Taskforce disrupting serious organised crime in the complex fraud space.

Zayne has resolved countless criminal and civil matters across various regulatory schemes and industries. He readily adapts to new environments and is able to operate in complex policy environments making him a versatile member of the consulting team.

He has worked extensively across various roles involving stakeholder management, mental health, operational mentoring/training, public media, policy review and development, child safety, occupational health and safety, and information technology.

Zayne is particularly interested in assisting public sector entities to resolve workplace issues and supporting teams to navigate difficult periods and disruptions. He tackles workplace matters with a forward-thinking preventative approach and endeavours to foster the growth of ethical health in organisations through risk awareness education and training.

Zayne is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators and the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and is committed to professional development and growth in these fields.

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