Vanessa Cullen’s sound management, legal and interpersonal skills make her a highly effective workplace consultant.  Vanessa has led many workplace reviews, team-building projects, investigations, process review and policy development projects. Vanessa has keen analytical skills and high emotional intelligence, and she is a great listener. She builds rapport with employees to understand their concerns, and works with them to identify opportunities for improvements in team functioning, communication, leadership and ethics.

As an investigator of complaints and critical incidents, she provides rigorous, fair and reliable reports for clients. 

Vanessa has previously worked for Victorian Office of the Public Advocate, as an Advocate/Guardian. This involved supporting clients and their families through difficult times, conducting complex investigations and preparing detailed reports for the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Vanessa also made lifestyle decisions as a delegated Guardian and advocated for people with disabilities in a range of challenging circumstances. Prior to this, Vanessa was a litigation lawyer in a private firm and a legal officer for the Victorian Department of Human Services, providing on site legal advice to DHS employees, and managing the Department’s  involvement in cases before various state and federal courts.

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