Rose is passionate about building ethical and productive workplaces. She leads Worklogic’s consulting projects on organisational values, risk management, business ethics and corporate governance. Rose also creates digital products to build better teams and is an acclaimed speaker and author.

Rose Bryant-Smith is a highly sought-after advisor to Australian employers. Known for her astute problem-solving and strategic thinking, Rose has experience across a range of industries, including health, manufacturing, education, banking, construction and the public sector. She takes a flexible approach, understanding the specific complexities of the case and her client’s broader interests.

Clients trust Rose with complex and sensitive cases involving external stakeholders and regulators, and legal and reputational risks.

She is highly sought after for high-impact projects such as:

  • Conflict Management Systems Design
  • Designing programs to minimise the risk of illegal and inappropriate conduct in the workplace;
  • Investigating complex and serious misconduct  in the workplace;
  • Assisting clients to respond to interventions by external regulators;
  • Designing and implementing Codes of Ethics; and
  • Coaching of senior executives who have been accused of integrity breaches.

A Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School, Rose teaches Workplace Investigations at Masters level. She is also a regular speaker to MBA and EMBA students at Melbourne Business School.

Rose and Worklogic Director, Grevis Beard, co-authored ‘Fix Your Team‘, a comprehensive, practical guide to identifying and addressing the causes of team dysfunction, published by Wiley in 2018.

Together with Grevis Beard, Jodie Fox and Jason Clark, Rose published ‘Workplace Investigations’ (3rd edition) in 2020 by Wolters Kluwer to rave reviews.

She is also author of ‘Investigator Wellbeing Praemia’ (Porter Press, 2014) and ‘Inherent Dignity: A Human Rights Law Guide’ (Mercy Global Action, 2017).

Rose is on the Committee of the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators, a member of the International Women’s Forum and a professional company director in the healthcare sector. Before starting Worklogic in 2007, she was a Senior Associate in major Melbourne law firms.

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