Marc Dib conducts workplace investigations and reviews for Worklogic’s government and private sector clients. Marc has extensive expertise in transnational and complex investigations in areas including fraud, intelligence, anti-corruption and professional standards.

Marc is a well-respected senior investigator with widespread knowledge across a broad range of portfolios.

Marc brings over 12 years’ experience in law enforcement, including policy and strategy roles, to Worklogic clients. Marc has provided advice to state and federal government committees on issues such as professional standards, organised crime, fraud and anti-corruption, community engagement and terrorism.

Having worked in areas of high sensitivity and secrecy, Marc understands the importance of confidentiality and privacy around progressing investigations. This trust has earned Marc a reputation as holding high integrity standards and has placed him as a recommended industry advisor.

Throughout his career, Marc has consistently been called upon to assist in developing high performance teams to effectively achieve outcomes and is a key influence in cultivating and sustaining productive and ongoing client relationships.

In addition to his extensive investigations knowledge, Marc is a subject matter expert on matters of national security and has been a guest speaker and presenter at major national and international events.

Marc is bilingual and has advanced knowledge in reading, writing and speaking Arabic in all its dialects.

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