Elsie is highly experienced in conducting and reviewing a very high volume of complex and sensitive
workplace and disciplinary investigations on behalf of a large range of clients.

Investigations such as:

• Misconduct and serious misconduct, including assault and being intoxicated in the
• Bullying complaints, performance management concerns and grievances;
• Sexual harassment complaints;
• Child protection matters, including alleged sexual abuse by sports coaches and abuse or
neglect by carers;
• Historic child abuse and elder abuse complaints;
• Fraud and the misuse of company resources
Investigations conducted on behalf of the following clients:
• Law firms;
• Large government departments and Local Government Councils;
• Not for profit organisations and faith based organisations;
• Large and small commercial clients including multinationals, financial service providers
and retailers

Apart from LLB and LLM (Employment and Industrial Law), Elsie also has a BA (Hons) degree in
Psychology. Further has a BA degree (English and German) and possesses polished written
and verbal communication skills. Is an admitted as a solicitor in NSW and has extensive experience in retail operations management.

Elsie is diplomatic in handling sensitive and controversial issues. Focused, highly disciplined, flexible
and innovative in adapting and applying knowledge and experience to different circumstances
and environments.

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