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Clearly articulate your organisation’s rules about appropriate behaviour at work

A clearly-articulated, well-promoted Code of Conduct tells your employees what you expect of their behaviour at work. A Code of Conduct is effectively a group of employment policies which focus on conduct and misconduct – the things that your employees must do, or must not do. It often contains stricter rules than your broader suite of employment policies.

Using a ‘pro forma’ Code of Conduct that was developed for another organisation is very risky. No workplace is the same – each one has its own particular risks that need to be managed.  This is why a Code of Conduct must be tailored to fit your workplace.

Code of Conduct rules

A Code of Conduct usually contains rules about:

  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Misconduct, Theft and Fraud
  • Proper Use of Company Equipment
  • Social Media and Internet Use
  • Workplace Conflict of Interest

Our Approach

To review or draft a Code of Conduct, our consultant will meet with you to understand your operations, premises, staff and risks. We talk with you about any misconduct issues that you may have had in the past, hotspots that you wish to target and behaviour shifts that you want to encourage. If you have a Code of Conduct, we identify risks or gaps, and update it to ensure it is current. If not, we develop a new Code of Conduct which is specific to your workplace.

Worklogic’s consultants have extensive experience in risk, senior HR, management or law. We understand what can go wrong in a workplace, and how a Code of Conduct is a core part of your risk management.

Our comprehensive, thorough and robust approach – and our skills in risk management of employee behaviour – are why our clients trust us with this important work.

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