Mar 31

A ‘reasonable woman’ standard for sexual harassment claims

As the national discussion around sexual harassment continues, examining the objective standard around a reasonable person in these claims can show an implicit bias. In this week’s blog, we revisit Worklogic Senior Consultant Tanya Hunter‘s examination of the reasonable person standard. Sexual harassment in the workplace remains an ongoing issue. The continuing durability of #MeToo […]

Mar 17

“Haven’t you left the building?” Why organisations must resist the temptation to discount complaints by former employees

Worklogic Senior Consultant, Samantha Edwards discusses taking complaints of former employees seriously.  A scenario that is not uncommon for employers is the task of considering how to manage a complaint being made by former employees or, a staff member who is finishing up their employment with an organisation. Often employers view such complaints with suspicion […]

Mar 10

Writing a Report that is Fit for Purpose

A robust, well-written workplace investigation report is your best defense in an unfair dismissal claim. Worklogic director Jodie Fox examines the benefits of writing comprehensive investigative reports after a recent decision by the Fair Work Commission found Worklogic’s report to be consistent and detailed. Worklogic Report Withstands FWC Scrutiny Recently one of Worklogic’s reports was examined […]

Feb 25

The Importance of Being Prepared & Taking a Trauma Informed Approach

By Kristina Jaks, Worklogic Consultant Last week a young woman came forward and disclosed details of a serious sexual assault, a rape, that she alleged occurred in her workplace in early 2019.   Ordinarily, this may not get much media coverage.  In this instance, her place of work ensured her story would be front page news. As the […]

Feb 18

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Triaging Complaints: Managing and Choosing the Best Approach

In this webinar, Worklogic Director, Jason Clark, will discuss how an investigation is one approach to managing a complaint while also exploring how alternative options in some cases can also achieve the same outcome with a longer term benefit. This webinar covers: how to clarify and assess complaints to determine whether the issue needs to […]

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