Feb 25

The Importance of Being Prepared & Taking a Trauma Informed Approach

By Kristina Jaks, Worklogic Consultant Last week a young woman came forward and disclosed details of a serious sexual assault, a rape, that she alleged occurred in her workplace in early 2019.   Ordinarily, this may not get much media coverage.  In this instance, her place of work ensured her story would be front page news. As the […]

Feb 18

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Triaging Complaints: Managing and Choosing the Best Approach

In this webinar, Worklogic Director, Jason Clark, will discuss how an investigation is one approach to managing a complaint while also exploring how alternative options in some cases can also achieve the same outcome with a longer term benefit. This webinar covers: how to clarify and assess complaints to determine whether the issue needs to […]

Feb 10

Collingwood FC’s “Do Better” Report: a playbook for overcoming structural racism in the AFL’s ‘biggest and best’ Club

By Samantha Edwards, Senior Consultant Background On 1 February 2021, the Collingwood Football Club’s “Do Better” report was released, following an independent review into the Club’s responses to incidents of racism and cultural safety in the workplace and its internal processes and culture[i]. The review, commissioned by the Board’s Integrity Committee, was sparked by allegations […]

Jan 27

The Power of Positivity

From the archive: As we embark on a new year, it’s worth revisiting the advantages of a positive workplace. Tanya Hunter discusses how, in a modern workplaces, positivity can have a distinct affect on overall staff well-being as well as productivity. What difference does positivity make in the workplace? Research demonstrates that it makes a […]

Jan 20

The benefits of flexible work

From the archive: prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the benefits of a flexible workplace were already being touted as progressive and staff-friendly. Worklogic staff have enjoyed the benefits of flexible working for over a decade. As employers navigate working in a post-lockdown world, it’s worth revisiting why flexible work is beneficial to both staff […]

Jan 13

Hopes for 2021

Building a Resilient Team For many organisations 2020 was a bit of a nightmare.  The unpredictable nature of the pandemic lead to businesses shutting down, staff experiencing isolation, (some for the first time) and the subsequent lockdowns that challenged us all in different ways. This upheaval meant that many managers and HR professionals were working […]

Dec 16

Silly Season 2020

The holiday season is upon us and fortunately for us, in Australia, we can go and make merry! After lockdowns and working from home, those workplaces that are holding in person Christmas parties should celebrate with gusto. However, the silly season, especially after the year we have had, can create an environment where employees behave […]

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