Feb 10

The Confronting Truth: Report into Workplace Culture at Rio Tinto

Disturbing findings of bullying, sexual harassment, racism and discrimination against LGBQTI+ throughout Rio Tinto demonstrate that there is much to do to change the culture in the mining sector.  Businesses who work in the mining sector need to understand their workplace culture and take proactive steps to minimise the risk of physical and psychological harm.  […]

Dec 02

What to do with the results of a Workplace Review- 7 practical suggestions

On Tuesday the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Kate Jenkins released Set the Standard : Report on the Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces (2021)which was a report on the review of workplace standards at Australian Parliament House. The results of the report, at first glance, are sobering. It found (among other things) that 37% of […]

Nov 17

Four Tips for Conducting Trauma Informed Investigation Interviews

Workplace investigations are a necessary tool in an organisations’ tool kit. Done well, they areprocedurally fair, independent enquiries into the circumstances of a particular conflict, makingfindings of fact that enable an organisation to make informed and sensible decisions about managingthe risk of the conflict or complaint can inflame existing tensions, contribute to the breakdown ofworking […]

Nov 10

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] The new Business as Usual in 2022

Worklogic Directors Jodie Fox and Jason Clark moderate a panel discussion about the HR and legal aspects of employees returning to the office in 2022 with special guest, Amanda Junkeer, Practice Leader from Moores. This webinar covers: Employees returning from remote to in office workcultural issues that may arisereasonable directions & legal issues around vaccinations […]

Nov 03

Consequence Management Framework

Organisational Values, Code of Conduct, Bullying and Harassment policy, Occupational Health and Safety policy, Antidiscrimination policy, Sexual Harassment policy.   Most organisations have a myriad of policies and procedures that relate to the employment relationship with their employees that set down the expectations and requirements of their employees and how people leaders can navigate these […]

Sep 30

Victorian Public Service Flexible Work Policy – Are you Ready?

On 21 April 2021, the Victorian Public Service (VPS) released the VPS Flexible Work Policy (policy). The policy was developed to provide guidance and sets down the ground rules for the implementation of flexible working arrangements across the Victorian Public Service in response to the changed nature of the workplace created by the Covid 19 […]

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