Worklogic Monash review reportMonash University has committed to implement all the recommendations of Worklogic’s review into its sexual harassment and sexual assault policies. The review was commissioned as a part of Monash University’s comprehensive response to the AHRC ‘Change the Course’ Report recommendations.

“Monash University was already significantly advanced in their efforts to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment of students and staff, ”  Worklogic co-founder and director, Rose Bryant Smith said.

“Their proactive efforts and full commitment to best practice, in line with the 2017 report from the Australian Human Rights Commission, was evident from the top. It was true leadership of real change.”

“Engaging with students and staff in focus groups, as well as in-interviews with leaders across the organisation, allowed us to target our recommendations for best impact,” she said.

“These are difficult conversations for any organisation to have.”

“They require a mindful and compassionate approach, without shying away from the challenges faced by staff and young people in large and complex organisations.”

“This project demonstrated Monash values and Worklogic values in action.”

“We were proud to partner with Monash in its efforts to reinforce a culture of safety and respect across all sites,” Rose said.

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