Worklogic is thrilled to launch its inaugural research whitepaper “Aftermath of Afterglow? Improving Workplace Culture & Team Dynamics after a Misconduct Investigation” this month. This is a topic very close to our hearts and an area that has been neglected in academic research to date.

As many of you know, the fundamental purpose of conducting a workplace investigation is to gather evidence and determine the facts about alleged inappropriate behaviour or misconduct at work. An investigation is not designed to resolve the conflict or address any cultural issues that were pre-existing in the team. Left unaddressed, these can fester and cause continued problems.

After witnessing this first hand for the last ten years, Worklogic embarked on an ambitious project to determine what exactly is best-practice for employers, in terms of the support strategies and interventions – at individual, team and organisational level – that employers can implement to improve workplace culture and dynamics following an investigation.

Together with PhD researcher Sarah Carrier from Monash University, we explored the latest academic research on post-investigation support. We then surveyed Australian employers to uncover exactly what they are doing to address challenges post-investigation and what is working (or not!) on the ground.

The findings of Worklogic’s research make compelling reading, and provide solid evidence for post-investigation interventions that employers can adopt in order to improve workplace culture and dynamics following a workplace investigation.

A special thanks to our clients who agreed to participate in this process, generously sharing their experiences.

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Worklogic Research Infographic

Worklogic Research Infographic

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