Louisa Dickinson

Principal Consultant, Melbourne

Louisa Dickinson is highly experienced in dispute resolution and thrives on building connection with those she works with to support them to positively resolve conflict.

Louisa has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and culture, gleaned from working across the employment law and alternative dispute resolution fields for more than 20 years. 

Throughout her career she has worked in a range of roles, including as a workplace mediator, employment lawyer, statutory conciliator, workplace investigator, workplace adviser and inspector. 

Louisa is an accomplished dispute resolution practitioner, who thrives on building connection with those she works with to support them to positively resolve conflict.

Louisa has significant experience in dealing calmly, sensitively and impartially with high-conflict, emotional situations and assisting with their resolution.

Louisa has a deep understanding of many different workplace contexts and cultures, gained from over twenty years spent working in legal practice, Commonwealth and State governments agencies, the community sector and small business within the employment law, discrimination and alternative dispute resolution fields .   Since joining Worklogic in 2014, she has conducted a significant number of dispute resolution processes and workplace investigations for clients from all of these sectors, as well as for educational bodies, local government, emergency services and non-for profit organisations.

She has a strong interest in restorative practice and is a member the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Restorative Engagement Facilitator Panel and regularly facilitates conferences for the Department of Justice and Community Safety, through its Restorative Engagement Program.   She is a nationally accredited mediator.

Louisa possesses well developed analytical skills and an ability to develop a clear understanding of the differing perspectives of those involved, of complex factual situations and a range of workplace and organisational dynamics.  Louisa brings empathy to her work and has strong commitment to ensuring fairness and supporting the well-being of those she engages with.

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