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  • Duration: 45 minutes
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  • Presenter: Rose Bryant-Smith
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In this webinar, Rose Bryant-Smith will describe the latest research on happiness at work, and how we can apply it in our workplaces. Happiness isn’t part of the employment contract, but it is highly correlated with employee engagement, productivity and retention. What can employers do to help their employees feel happy?

In this webinar, Rose will consider:

  • Are there some jobs where employees are happier than others?
  • Are there particular mindsets that are destructive to happiness?
  • What has happiness got to do with resilience?
  • If we pay people more, will their satisfaction necessarily increase?
  • What elements of workplace culture can employers facilitate, which enable employees to feel happier?

You’ll learn some practical actions that you can deploy at your workplace to build employee skills, mindsets and satisfaction.