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  • Presenter: Angela Seach, Simon Thorne
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There is no doubt that 2020 has thrown into stark relief the importance of leadership at every level of society – from team leaders at work to leaders of the country, and shown that being a good leader is as much about an individual’s leadership identity and values as it is about their technical know-how.

Research by psychologists has shown that that leadership is about one-third ‘born’ and two-thirds ‘made’. Which begs the question – how is your organisation supporting the development of leaders as they progress through the leadership ranks at your organisation?

Join Worklogic Associate Director, Angela Seach and Consultant Simon Thorne in a conversation about the role of coaching for leadership development. Leadership coaching is a powerful tool to support people as they transition into new leadership roles – whether it is transitioning from managing staff, to managing managers, to managing a business, to leading organisational change.

Leadership coaching supports alignment between capabilities, values and leadership level. It helps new leaders to adjust their behaviours, find their leadership identity and manage the often tricky people issues that they can find difficult to navigate.