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In 2020, massive disruption hit most industries – and most employees’ working arrangements – due to COVID-19. Managers have spent the last 3 months soothing staff and trying to keep their performance on track. Teams have used various tactics to work together, stay connected and enjoy some positive social time with each other, despite Zoom exhaustion and the emotional disruption of extended isolation. HR has juggled issues with stand-down, accommodating flexibility, and employees’ clashing carer’s responsibilities. No wonder we are all exhausted…As workers in some Australian states start to return to the workplace, and others are planning a return in the near future, it’s a good time to contemplate:

  • What have the impacts of COVID taught us about how we work?
  • We’ve all learned new skills, new tech and new approaches: which do we want to keep using in future?
  • What elements of the previous locations, structures and schedules of work do we want to revive?
  • How have employees’ expectations changed, and should those changed expectations be accommodated? When can employers say ‘no’?
  • Have our values, workplace culture and employment policies stood up to the test?
Join Worklogic Director Rose Bryant-Smith to explore these questions and more, to position your workplace to make the most of disruption.