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On 5 March 2020, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins delivered the Respect@Work: Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report (2020).

The report is a culmination of the 2018 survey of data as well as hearings and submissions to the Commission over the last two years. The report comprehensively deals with the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace, its nature and causes and makes recommendations for prevention and response. The report makes a number of key recommendations that have significant implications for the way companies current manage their approach to sexual harassment complaints and training.

In this webinar, Worklogic Director Jodie Fox will:

  • Unpack the findings of the Respect@Work report
  • Outline the challenges in investigating allegations of sexual harassment and how to address these
  • Review some recent sexual harassment cases and the implications for employers
  • Outline practical steps to help your company implement a best-practice approach.