• Date:
  • Duration: 1 day and 23 hours
  • Categories:
  • Presenter: Grevis Beard
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Worklogic’s co-founder and director, Grevis Beard has selected to present an “Investigation hypothetical: navigating risks, applying procedural fairness and managing issues arising” at the 12th National Investigations Symposium, organised by the NSW Ombudsman.

The National Investigation Symposium promotes good investigative practice and attracts more than 350 Australian and international delegates including:

  • investigators (generalists and specialists)
  • complaint-handlers
  • internal auditors
  • regulation and compliance specialists
  • governance managers
  • legal practitioners
  • public sector executives and managers
  • corruption prevention specialists
  • local government executives
  • human resources and behaviour specialists
  • senior police officers
  • academics and university executive members.