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  • Duration: 45 minutes
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  • Presenter: Jodie Fox, Jason Clark, Rose Bryant-Smith
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On Thursday 14th May at 12.30pm, Worklogic will host a live Ask Us Anything webinar. Jodie Fox, Jason Clark and Rose Bryant-Smith will draw on their decades of experience as investigators, workplace relations advisors, and fixers of teams. We can share tips and tricks we have learned, deidentified ‘war stories’, and the answers to those tricky questions you’ve always wondered about… All we need are your questions!

We imagine that we will cover topics such as:

·       How to lift the organisation’s conflict resolution capacity

·       Running an in-house investigation remotely

·       How to identify the ideal culture for your team, and then work towards it

·       Hacks, tips and rituals to manage flexible workers

·       …and much, much more.

Register for the LIVE Ask Us Anything webinar and tell us the questions that you would like answered!