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  • Duration: 1 hour
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  • Presenter: Rose Bryant-Smith
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Join Worklogic co-founder and director, Rose Bryant-Smith at the ACC Australia National Conference has she explains how to fix dysfunctional teams at work.

Why do in-house counsel need to think about fixing teams? Toxic behaviour in a team costs the organisation an additional $15,600 USD each year (Harvard Business School, 2015), yet bad behaviour is all too common. In 2016 research by Dr Lindsay McMillan, 14% of Australian workers described their workplace as ‘toxic’, and 50% of Australian workers have experienced serious incidents of conflict at work. These issues often involve in-house counsel, when mid-level managers and HR are at the end of their tether or simply don’t know what to do.

In this engaging and practical session, participants will:

  • learn the 12 dysfunctions of teams, and how to spot them
  • identify the legal risks that result from toxic individuals, issues with team functioning and organisational culture
  • find out the high-impact and low-cost tools that they can use – utilising existing resources and expertise within the business – to fix the problem