Jun 30

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Getting It Right: Investigating Complaints of Sexual Harassment

In this Worklogic webinar, directors Jason Clark and Jodie Fox will moderate a discussion with Worklogic’s newly appointed WA Director, Jennifer Porter, with practical guidance on conducting a robust, defensible, trauma-informed workplace investigation into allegations of sexual harassment. Importantly, we’ll let you know what NOT to when investigating complaints of sexual harassment. Topics include: What are the most common mistakes made […]

Jun 16

Done and dusted: How well does your organisation ensure its new Enterprise Agreement hits the mark?

As the end of the financial year approaches, it’s timely for organisations to review how they are tracking in terms of compliance with any Enterprise Agreements they have in place. Worklogic Principal Consultant, Samantha Edwards discusses the issues that can arise and why reviews of agreements are so important. Negotiating an Enterprise Agreement can be […]

Mar 23

A “Chief Happiness Officer” for workplace wellness?

About a month ago, one of London’s oldest law firms, Clifford Chance, made headlines when a prospective managing partner suggested that he would appoint a “Chief Happiness Officer”.  Among the innovations proposed at Clifford Chance were “micro-retreats” for employees and paid time to pursue “passion projects”. The idea is based on research that shows happy, […]

Mar 21

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] International Women’s Day: Shatter the Virtual Ceiling

As mask mandates lift this week across the country and more employees return to the office, our next challenge is navigating the new world of hybrid workplaces.  For women, who are more likely to take advantage of workplace flexibility, does the technological transformation finally offer the infrastructure for real work-life balance, or will those working […]

Feb 16

Workplace romance, CNN and conflict of interest policy

Every year around Valentine’s Day, the topic of workplace romance, and how it should be managed, seems to feature in the news. This year, there was much discussion concerning the resignation of CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker after it was disclosed that he was in a relationship with Allison Gollust, CNN’s head of marketing and communication. The […]

Feb 10

The Confronting Truth: Report into Workplace Culture at Rio Tinto

Disturbing findings of bullying, sexual harassment, racism and discrimination against LGBQTI+ throughout Rio Tinto demonstrate that there is much to do to change the culture in the mining sector.  Businesses who work in the mining sector need to understand their workplace culture and take proactive steps to minimise the risk of physical and psychological harm.  […]

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