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Mar 23

A “Chief Happiness Officer” for workplace wellness?

About a month ago, one of London’s oldest law firms, Clifford Chance, made headlines when a prospective managing partner suggested that he would appoint a “Chief Happiness Officer”.  Among the innovations proposed at Clifford Chance were “micro-retreats” for employees and paid time to pursue “passion projects”. The idea is based on research that shows happy, […]

Feb 16

Workplace romance, CNN and conflict of interest policy

Every year around Valentine’s Day, the topic of workplace romance, and how it should be managed, seems to feature in the news. This year, there was much discussion concerning the resignation of CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker after it was disclosed that he was in a relationship with Allison Gollust, CNN’s head of marketing and communication. The […]

Jun 30

Why can’t I be a secret witness? Confidential vs anonymous in workplace investigations

The ideal workplace investigation is conducted confidentially. Complainants, respondents and witnesses are asked to not discuss their involvement in the investigation process or anything that is discussed with others at the workplace, with the exception of human resources representatives or a support person. Participants are asked to observe confidentiality so that each person provides their […]

Mar 31

A ‘reasonable woman’ standard for sexual harassment claims

As the national discussion around sexual harassment continues, examining the objective standard around a reasonable person in these claims can show an implicit bias. In this week’s blog, we revisit Worklogic Senior Consultant Tanya Hunter‘s examination of the reasonable person standard. Sexual harassment in the workplace remains an ongoing issue. The continuing durability of #MeToo […]

Jan 27

The Power of Positivity

From the archive: As we embark on a new year, it’s worth revisiting the advantages of a positive workplace. Tanya Hunter discusses how, in a modern workplaces, positivity can have a distinct affect on overall staff well-being as well as productivity. What difference does positivity make in the workplace? Research demonstrates that it makes a […]

Jun 24

Inappropriate behaviour complaint

Dealing with complaints of inappropriate workplace behaviour is arguably on the list of managers least favourite tasks. However, it is important that when a complaint of inappropriate behaviour is made, the issues are addressed, as an untended complaint can often take root and grow into a much bigger issue. Increased emphasis on organisational values and […]

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