Feb 28

The Future of Work is Hybrid – so Worklogic has moved offices!

Worklogic has a new address, as while moving, we have been thinking about our role as a hybrid workforce. Worklogic has been working flexibly across office, client site and home since its inception and we have advised many workplaces who are embracing hybrid work. As working from home recommendations are lifting across the country, even […]

Feb 16

Workplace romance, CNN and conflict of interest policy

Every year around Valentine’s Day, the topic of workplace romance, and how it should be managed, seems to feature in the news. This year, there was much discussion concerning the resignation of CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker after it was disclosed that he was in a relationship with Allison Gollust, CNN’s head of marketing and communication. The […]

Feb 10

The Confronting Truth: Report into Workplace Culture at Rio Tinto

Disturbing findings of bullying, sexual harassment, racism and discrimination against LGBQTI+ throughout Rio Tinto demonstrate that there is much to do to change the culture in the mining sector.  Businesses who work in the mining sector need to understand their workplace culture and take proactive steps to minimise the risk of physical and psychological harm.  […]

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