Sep 25

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Ask us Anything About Workplace Investigations

In this Worklogic webinar on-demand, Jason Clark, Melanie Roberts and Marc Dib draw on their decades of experience conducting workplace investigations into allegations of every kind of workplace misconduct in all types of settings to discuss anything you want to know about conducting a workplace investigation. Topics include: what are the most common mistakes you […]

Sep 23

When it comes to investigation allegations against senior staff, how accountable are you?

Depending on whether you are a fan of Voltaire or Spiderman (or, of course, both!), you will no doubt be familiar with that time-honoured phrase: “With great power comes great responsibility”. But responsibility alone is now no longer enough. Every week, it seems, another media headline heralds a regulatory inquiry, legal case or shareholder push […]

Sep 16

How to support vulnerable participants during a workplace investigation

“Hard on the problem, soft on the people”. It’s a well-worn leadership mantra, but does it have a place in investigations? As an investigator, one of your primary goals is to ensure that you get the best evidence you can from all participants in your investigation. Being fair and objective does not preclude compassion. What […]

Sep 09

Learnings on when to investigate workplace complaints and what is reasonable management action

For more than a decade, Worklogic has had the privilege of working with a broad range of organisations and workplaces across both the public and private sectors. As well as fact finding (workplace investigations and review of critical incidents), our work has also focused on prevention and improvement, as we work with clients to improve […]

Sep 02

New Developments in Launching Investigations

This year, Worklogic has been busy updating our highly informative book (also now a textbook) about workplace investigations, with the third edition due to be released later this month. While working through the updates, I got thinking about what sort of changes I have seen occur in the investigations landscape during the last two to […]

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