Jun 24

Inappropriate behaviour complaint

Dealing with complaints of inappropriate workplace behaviour is arguably on the list of managers least favourite tasks. However, it is important that when a complaint of inappropriate behaviour is made, the issues are addressed, as an untended complaint can often take root and grow into a much bigger issue. Increased emphasis on organisational values and […]

Jun 23

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Key take-aways for employers from the latest bullying cases

In this free Worklogic webinar on-demand, Director Jason Clark provides an update on the most recent bullying cases and what we can learn from them. During the webinar, Jason will: Briefly summarise some recent and interesting bullying cases; Describe the issues faced by the employer when investigating the allegations; and What the findings of each […]

Jun 10

A recent bullying case highlights the dangers of a hands-off HR department

A recent case in the Fair Work Commission, Ms Anne Pilbrow [2020] FWC 2458 (26 May 2020), has revisited the scenario where there is a need to identify what is reasonable management action (even if imperfectly carried out) and what is bullying, as defined in the Fair Work Act 2009. The case also demonstrates that […]

Jun 03

How to translate an employee complaint into a statement of allegations

A well-drafted statement of allegations is critical in a workplace investigation. Firstly, it clearly defines the scope (and limit) of the investigation, as the investigator will make findings about only those alleged events which have been set out in writing. More importantly, it is essential in providing natural justice to the person responding to the […]

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