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Worklogic’s Effective Workplace Investigations book is the definitive guide to conducting effective workplace investigations for Australian HR professionals. Effective Workplace Investigations shows you, step-by-step, how to conduct a sound, procedurally fair and defensible workplace investigation.

Effective Workplace Investigations Book by Worklogic

Written by Worklogic Co-founders, Grevis Beard and Rose Bryant-Smith, and Worklogic Senior Investigator, Lisa Klug, who have collectively conducted more than 300 investigations, our Effective Workplace Investigations book is an essential reading for anyone with responsibility for investigating workplace conflicts or complaints.

More than 2,000 copies sit on the shelves of HR, risk and compliance managers and others who conduct in-house workplace investigations, around Australia. It is also prescribed reading for the Monash University Masters of Law course.

You will learn how to:

  • judge when an investigation is required
  • scope and plan an investigation appropriately
  • collect and analyse evidence
  • make findings of fact in a procedurally fair way
  • assess any wrongdoing against your organisation’s policies and procedures, in cases of bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud, theft and other breaches of policy.
  • determine whether your organisation should take any further steps to improve working relationships or to manage risks.

With checklists, case law examples and practical tools, Effective Workplace Investigations also explores the key elements of procedural fairness, managing the emotional impact of the investigation, ‘high conflict personalities’ and how the organisation can use the lessons learned from the investigation to manage risks and to improve the workplace culture.


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The Effective Workplace Investigations book has also been adapted for the e-Book format, which also includes with downloadable documents and quick links for easy navigation. You can purchase Effective Workplace Investigations as an ebook from Portner Press for $395.

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