Worklogic co-founders Grevis Beard and Rose Bryant-Smith can be contacted 24×7 to provide expert commentary on issues relating to inappropriate behaviour at work – including bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination –  and improving workplace culture from an employer’s perspective.  

They offer compelling real-life stories and powerful, expert advice on how to manage workplace complaints and address organisational dysfunction based on their extensive:

  • conducting more 1,000 workplace investigations into allegations of workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination for Australian employers –  from major corporations like BHP to local councils,  universities, State and Federal Government departments, not-for-profit organisations and small business  – since 2007
  • as authors of the definitive guides to conducting effective ‘Workplace Investigations‘ (Wolters Kluwer, 2018) and re-building dysfunctional teams ‘Fix Your Team‘ (to be published by Wiley in August, 2018) and the Worklogic blog, read by thousands of Australian business leaders and managers.

They are available to discuss:

  • key lessons for employers from high-profile cases of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination and recent Fair Work Australia decisions
  • what employers can do to prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination at work
  • best practice for employers when investigating allegations of misconduct at work
  • the common causes of dysfunctional teams and poor workplace culture and how to fix them
  • mitigating risks for employers associated with workplace romance, employee social media useage, toxic personalities, office parties, hazing rituals etc.

Recent media coverage

Grevis Beard

Email Grevis
Mobile: 0433 590 360
Direct Telephone: (03) 9981 6555

Grevis Beard

Grevis Beard is an engaging public speaker, investigator, lawyer and author with a wealth of hands-on experience investigating and resolving complaints about inappropriate behaviour at hundreds of Australian workplaces. He has seen first-hand the impact of every kind of bad behaviour at work. He speaks knowledgeably and passionately on successfully navigating the complex dynamics of workplace disputes.

Rose Bryant-Smith

Email Rose
Mobile: 0400 311 712
Direct Telephone: (03) 9981 6577

Rose Bryant-Smith

Rose Bryant-Smith is a highly sought-after advisor to Australian employers, workplace investigator, lawyer and author known for her astute problem-solving, strategic thinking and ability to manage complex, sensitive, business-critical matters.  Rose speaks authoritatively from her extensive personal experience helping leading Australian employers build ethical, productive and engaged workplaces, manage toxic personalities and fix dysfunctional teams.

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